There are alternatives to violence

At Alternative to Violence (ATV) we understand violence as an expression of a personal problem. Violence is a problem that is possible to receive treatment for. Over the course of almost 30 years ATV has contributed to increasing the understanding of family violence as a societal problem that needs to be addressed. We offer psychological treatment to perpetrators of violence, adult and child victims of domestic violence and to teenagers with violence and aggression problems.

About us

ATV is a non- profit non-governmental organization that provides treatment and professional expertise on violence with particular focus on domestic violence. ATV ´s threefold mandate is to provide psychological treatment, develop professional knowledge and disseminate knowledge on domestic violence. ATV was established in 1987 and is the oldest organization in Europe of its kind. Today ATV has 13 offices in Norway. ATV´s work is primarily financed by state and local governmental contribution.

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