Alternative to Violence (ATV)


Alternative to Violence is a professional research and treatment centre in Norway for violent offenders and people witnessing or being exposed to violence. ATV is located in Oslo, Drammen, Langesund, Tønsberg, Stavanger, Arendal, Kristiansand, Skedsmo, Tromsø and Asker&Bærum (Norwegian) and also in Mariehamn (Åland), Reykjavik (Iceland), Roskilde (Denmark) and Täby & Kalmar (Sweden).

ATV is an NGO with funding from several municipalities, from the Norwegian government and from other organizations/legacies. ATV started in 1987, as the first treatment centre for male batterers in Europe.

ATV has 3 main goals:

  • Treatment 
  • Education
  • Research

ATV consists of the following projects:

  • Treatment of men who are violent towards their partner (and/or children) [since 1987]
  • Treatment of women who are violent towards their partner (and/or children) [since 1996]
  • Treatment of women exposed to intimate violence [since 1999]
  • Treatment of men exposed to intimate violence [since 2000]
  • Research on violence and ATVs treatment programmes [since 2004]

Former projects: 

  • Treatment of violent girls (10-18 years old) [2005-2006]
  • Treatment of men sentenced for violent crimes [2005-2007]
  • Treatment of women living at Oslo Crisis Shelter [2001-2004]
  • Treatment of violent youth (10-18 years old) [1999-2004]
  • Treatment of drug addicts with violence problems [1999-2007]
  • Treatment of men & women from ethnic minorities [2005-2007]
  • Treatment of children experiencing violence in their family [2004-2010]
  • Treatment of men and women at ATV with alchohol/drug related problems [2007-2010]

Contact information:

Alternative to Violence (ATV)
Address: Lilletorget 1, 0184 Oslo Norway
Telephone: +47-22 40 11 10
Fax: +47-22 40 11 11